To the members of the Commission on History of Science and Technology in Islamic Societies.

We have all been shocked by the tragic and untimely death of our late president, Dr. Mercè Comes, on February 26, 2010. Mercè was buried on March 1 in the town of Valldoreix, near Barcelona. Thanks to our member Dr. Miquel Forcada, a bouquet (in fact, what florists call a "cushion" of flowers) and a band with the name of the Commission accompanied her until she was buried. Professors Julio Samsó and Roser Puig in Barcelona have written an In Memoriam, which has now appeared on the website of the Commission, and which will appear in printed form in the journal Suhayl. In her relatively short time interval as President, Mercè has done a lot for the Commission and we will miss her abilities and her enthusiasm very much.

According to Section 9 of the Governance Document of the Commission, which can be found on, the Vice-President shall fulfill the office of the President when the President is unable to do so. I will do my best to serve as the President of the Commission until the next election in 2013. I accept this office with sadness, and hope for your support. We will all miss Mercè immensely. In order to create some time for my service to our Commission, I have resigned as the Treasurer of the International Commission of the History of Mathematics.

In accordance with Section 10 of the Governance Document, the remaining Governing Council of the Commission has unanimously elected Dr. Emilia Calvo of Barcelona to serve as Vice President. I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Calvo for her willingness to serve and am glad that in this way the Commission will continue to have a formal link with the Barcelona research group in history of Islamic Science.

Mercè Comes was responsible for maintaining the website of the Commission. We have now transferred the website to the new address The website will be maintained by my student Mr. Alexander Vervuurt at Utrecht, and you can send him any suggestions and corrections at the email address

I hope that the Commission will flourish in the coming years. If you know of any researchers in History of Islamic Science and Technology who are not yet members of the commission, please encourage them to apply for membership of the Commission. Prospective applicants should submit to a member of the Governing Council a CV with a brief email stating their interest in joining the Commission.

With my best wishes to all of you,
Jan P. Hogendijk
Utrecht, Netherlands